How It Works

Crowdfunding has become a billion dollar industry assisting anybody to seek funding for a wide variety of reasons without going to banks or other traditional financiers.  

Our team has assisted a large number of people to create and promote successful Crowdfunding campaigns. With this knowledge we understand how to make crowdfunding better for campaigners and backers.

The secret to crowdfunding is marketing, it is vital to have either an audience already to support your campaign or find one. Many great inventors are great at inventing but terrible at marketing and as such they often fail at crowdfunding as they lack the tools and expertise to find their audience.

What also needs to happen is the barriers for funding and backing campaigns are removed and multiple funding methods are allowed for every campaign. By not relying 100% on online backers we have quickly become a major player in the industry as we offer more funding options than any other platform. Backers don’t need to have a credit card in order to back a campaign. This is an industry first!

With our strong focus in the Asia Pacific region we believe we are connecting to a much bigger and stronger member base than our American based competitors.

Top 10 reasons you should Crowdfund with us!

1. We are a reputable Australian company trading for over 10 years with a strong marketing and payment solutions background (How To Pay Pty Ltd see  

2. We use PayPal and Australian banks that are fully government backed and regulated to ensure processing of payments is secure.

3. Unlike our competitors we DON’T charge credit card merchant fees, we include them in our small 5% commission.

4. We have databases of over 15 million Australians and have experienced social media marketers to target marketing to over 100 million social media users every month.

5. We have live online chat to support users of our website as well as a team of smart support staff who can assist campaigners and backers.

6. Many campaigns fail as they needed more time to find their audience than first thought. Unlike competitors, our campaigners can extend campaigns for up to one year giving a much better chance of success.

7. We offer optional proven marketing packages to increase the exposure of your marketing campaign. In addition, we suggest other marketing channels and independent experts who can assist our campaigners. No longer are you on your own as your success is our success.

8. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we require all campaigners to fully identify themselves. This means backers can be confident that campaigners on our site have been identified as real people. This information can be given to backers and the authorities should a campaigner break our rules. It is shocking to us that the leading American based sites don’t ID check their campaigners.

9. We are the first crowdfunding company in the world to use offline tools such as SMS, BPAY and PostBillPay as options for campaigns to receive funding. By allowing offline payments to back a campaign this increases the trust level and payment options for backers. This also provides a simple option for backers who are less technically savvy.

10.  It’s free to post a campaign on and if you are not successful then you pay nothing. As such it’s in our best interest to make sure you reach your target and we reinvest a large amount of our profits back into social media marketing to increase the audience for our campaigners.  

The process to start a campaign is as simple as filling out an online form.

  1. Signup with your name and email to our website

  2. Give your campaign a name

  3. Enter the details of your campaign, including why you need the money

  4. Enter either Donations or Rewards options for backers

  5. Submit the campaign to our team for review and wait to hear back from us with any tips or suggestions

  6. Once approved you can now share your link to your social media, friends and family and start promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

It’s that easy, now comes the magic!

Our team then monitor all campaigns on the site and make suggestions to help you reach your target. In addition we share your campaign out to our own network of social media followers and this helps you get even more exposure for your campaign.

Not all campaigns are the same and every campaign needs to find the audience of people most likely to back their campaign. We strongly suggest campaigners should already have at least 10% of the funding pre-agreed with friends and family so that the wider audience feel more confident in the project and will be more likely to promote it and hopefully back it.

Check out the videos below and also out "Tips for Success" page